All Summer Dining Pass

The All Summer Dining Pass allows a Season Passholder to redeem their pass at participating locations throughout the park for 2 Combo Meals EVERY visit! Enjoy 1 lunch and 1 dinner plus 1 snack (Cotton Candy, Pretzel, Churro, Apple, or Orange) each visit during the 2020 Summer Season (expires 9/20/2020). Just a 4 hour interval between meals. Valid on any Regular Operating Day. Meals may be redeemed at The Croc Pot, Harborside Pizza, Johnny Rockets, Parkside Diner, Pizza Place, Pinks, Main Gate Creamery and the Potato Patch. Meal Options and food locations subject to change. Limit 2 meals per visit.

Located next to Saw Mill Plunge

  • Hamburger and fries
  • Cheeseburger and fries
  • Veggie Burger and fries
  • Hot dog and fries

Located across from Phobia

  • 2 Slices of pizza
  • PB&J with chips (substitution for chips is an orange, apple, or banana)

Located near the Crocodile Cove Entrance

  • Chicken tenders and fries
  • Garden salad
  • Bowl of soup

Located near Bayou Bay in Crocodile Cove

  • A Rocket Single with fries
  • Chicken tenders and fries
  • Please note: Johnny Rockets is only open when the water park is open.

Located near the Main Gate Entrance

  • Chicken tenders and fries
  • Buffalo chicken tenders and fries
  • Monster Potato

Located right next to the entrance of Crocodile Cove

  • 2 Slices of Pizza

The following snacks are included:

  • Pretzel
  • Churro
  • Apple (located at The Croc Pot)
  • Orange (located at The Croc Pot)
  • Banana (located at The Croc Pot)

Located right next to the entrance of Wildcat

  • Veggie burger

Located at the Main Gate

  • Kid's cup (choice of chocolate, vanilla, or twist)

The Croc Pot

• Garden salad without dressing

Johnny Rockets

• Rocket single burger

Potato Patch

• Monster potato without chili

Park Snack

• Apple or banana (available at The Croc Pot)