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The park is closing today, June 22, due to inclement weather. 

Venus Vortex

Journey through a dark tunnel and experience weightlessness
Crocodile Cove
Type of attraction
 Water Slides
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 42"
Minimum weight: 200 Ibs
Maximum weight: 550 Ibs
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Plummet Into the Monstrous Jaws of Venus Vortex!

The ultimate thrill awaits you at ‘Crocodile Cove’ water park. Towering six stories above the lake, Venus Vortex is a unique ride experience never before seen in New England. Decked in neon green and yellow, Venus Vortex resembles the mouth of a hungry flytrap, and you’re about to be its next meal.

This slide tempts its prey to twists, turns, and sudden drops. The 3-person raft means you don’t have to brave this adventure alone–share the shrieks and laughs alongside your friends and family.

Journey through a dark tunnel and experience near weightlessness as you suddenly plummet down the near vertical drop into the jaws of the hungry creature. Slide back and forth between rows of teeth, and just barely escape before it traps you inside. Take a big sigh of relief as your raft reaches the final splash down: you’ve narrowly missed being eaten!

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day while having a blast than with a journey into the jaws of Venus Vortex!

Venus Vortex is located by the lake’s edge, next to Bayou Bay Wave Pool and Lakeside Café. This ride has a Thrill level of 4 and a minimum height requirement of 42”.

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Pay For a Day, Get the Summer FREE!

Pay For a Day, Get the Summer FREE!