Phobia Phear Coaster

Phobia Phear Coaster

At Lake Compounce, unforgettable moments happen every day. It’s a place where kids experience firsts, and adults can become kids again. This summer is no different with the introduction of the all new Phobia Phear Coaster!

Phobia is the first ride of its kind in New England and the first triple launch coaster to hit the northeast. With speeds up to 65 mph, not to mention a cobra roll inversion at 150 feet in the air. Looming 15 stories tall and rumbling forwards and backwards, Phobia dares you to take the challenge!

The newest thrill at Lake Compounce and the most unforgettable moment of all. There’s only one way to conquer your fear, that’s together.

Height Requirement: 54" or 52" with an adult.

Minimum Height 54"
Thrill Level  4