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Lake Compounce has invested millions in rides, roller coasters and attractions, and has added more dining options during the recent years, making Lake Compounce more beautiful than ever. Anyone looking for fun things to do in Connecticut with kids will find Lake Compounce to be the perfect destination!

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Phobia! NEW FOR 2016

It’s the newest thrill at Lake Compounce and the most unforgettable moment of all. There’s only one way to conquer your fear, and that’s together. Face your phear on the newest thrill at Lake Compounce. New England’s first triple launch coaster with speeds up to 65 miles per hour and a blood-chilling cobra roll 150 feet in the air! Gather your friends and conquer it together.

Height Requirement: 54" or 52" with adult.

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Boulder Dash

Voted World's #1 Wooden Coaster.

Height Requirement: 48"
Top Speed: 60MPH+

Down Time

60 mph, 185 foot drop.

Height Requirement: 52"
Biggest Drop: 185ft

Pirate Ship

Tossed like a ship in a perfect storm.

Height Requirement: 48" or 39" with an adult.


It rocks, it rolls, it spins a full 360 degrees. You'll feel like you're floating on air as the giant platform both spins and glides in two directions on a huge half-pipe-shaped track up to five stories tall!

Height Requirement: 48"

Sky Coaster

Soar over the midway and enjoy the rush.

Height Requirement: 42"
Top Speed: 65MPH+
Biggest Drop: 180ft
There is an additional charge for this ride.

The Wave Swinger

Grab a swing, go for a fling!

Height Requirement: 46"

The Wildcat

Thrilling families since 1927.

Height Requirement: 48"
Top Speed: 44MPH+
Biggest Drop: 68ft

Thunder N' Lightning

Experience 3 G’s at 60 mph and 90 ft in the air.

Height Requirement: 48"

Thunder Rapids

Ride the whitecaps through the natural terrain. You will get soaked on this ride!

Height Requirement: 42" or 36" with an adult


A raging vortex, and you're the spin doctor!

Height Requirement: 46" or 38" if accompanied by an adult


A thrilling spinning sensation.

Height Requirement: 46" or 42" if accompanied by an adult


A boomerang coaster with lots of zoom.

Height Requirement: 48"
Top Speed: 45MPH+
Biggest Drop: 125ft

Roller Coasters and Thrill Rides

Enjoy a day of thrilling coasters and rides at Lake Compounce! Among other famous attractions, Lake Compounce is well-known for hosting some of the best attractions near Bristol, CT such as, Phobia (new for 2016), and Boulder Dash (which has been voted the world’s #1 wooden roller coaster).

Water Rides

Lake Compounce is home to Connecticut’s largest water park, ‘Crocodile Cove!’ featuring multiple wave pools, water slides, special areas designed for young children and even a Lake!

Classic and Kiddie Rides

With kiddie rides for every age, kids can enjoy their own kind of fun while feeling like a big kid! From their first Kiddie Coaster and spinning themselves silly on the Drum Circus, to the Antique Carousel and Flying Elephants, there is something for every child’s liking.


A Lake Compounce trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Funky Fairytales show! Watch Captain Hook and his crew tell a story of pirates, adventure and buried treasure! During the summer, be sure to see Illuminate the Night. On weekends during July 4-August 24, see a 50-foot water wall veil across the lake with music, projections, and lasers!

Tickets and Season Passes are available for purchase online and at the gate.

For traveling guests looking for things to do near Bristol, be sure to check out our nearby hotel or camping options for extended fun.
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