Dining & Snack Areas

Dining & Snack Areas at Lake Compounce

Some of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Connecticut are located right here at Lake Compounce! Lake Compounce serves a wide variety of food options for every diet and appetite.

Stay Hydrated During Your Visit! For your convenience water fountains can be found near the following areas throughout the park as well as at any food location: Saw Mill Plunge, Johnny Rockets (water bottle refill machine), Harborside Pizza, Chuckles Fun Stuff & by the Little Critters attraction in Kiddie Land. We allow 1 sealed non-alcoholic beverage to be brought in per guest and encourage guests to bring in reusable water bottles to fill at refillable water bottle stations.

Bavarian Nut Cart

Located between the Wildcat exit and the Carousel, outside of the Starlight Theater entrance.

Menu Items
• Almonds
• Cashews
• Pecans
• Churro, Cotton Candy & Pretzels

Croc Pot

Located directly next to Connecticut’s LARGEST water park, our lakefront restaurant serves a variety of meals. Chili and chowder, wraps and salads, and hot and cold beverages. Provides allergen friendly food options and organic selects.
Gluten-free offerings are made to order.

Dippin' Dots® Carts

Located in midway, our carts serve delicious flavors of cotton candy, and frozen ice cream.

• Select Flavors

• Lots of Layers (LOL) • Shaker's Lemonade

Dippin' Dots® Sundae Shop

Dippin' Dots® brand sundaes, shakes, quakes, and much more! Located at the entrance of the park.


Hot and cold beverages served such as cappuccinos, hot chocolate, chai latte, iced coffee and iced tea. Also offering a variety of donuts and treats.

Fried Dough

Located across from the Wave Swinger, next to Rev-O-Lution. Fried dough with sauce or powdered sugar and our famous fried Oreos, plus bottled water, cold beverages and milk can be found at Fried Dough.

Fried Dough opens at 2 p.m.

Harborside Pizza

Home to our delicious personal pizzas. Bottled water is also available. Located both inside Crocodile Cove water park and across from the Croc Pot cafeteria.

Johnny Rockets®

Located across from the carousel, America’s favorite burger joint is serving up a variety of hamburger meals. Rocket singles, doubles and combos. Smoke House singles, doubles, and combos, paired with American, cheese or bacon cheese fries.

Main Gate Creamery

Located at the park’s entrance, grab a refreshing treat in a cup or cone to start your day!

Menu Items
• Soft Ice Cream(Cup or Cone) Chocolate or Vanilla with Flavorburst
• Dole Whip

Timberjack Chowhouse

Located next to Saw Mill Plunge.

All-new menu! Try our pulled pork sandwich, ribs, and our delicious chicken sandwich at the Timberjack Chowhouse! Plus, you can also enjoy craft beers, mac & cheese, fountain soda, and bottled drinks.

Lakeside Cafe

All-new Lakeside Cafe!.
Menu Items
• Chicken Tenders • Hamburgers • Cheeseburgers • Naked Dog • All-New Pepsi Refreshment Zone

Pizza Place

Located near Thunder 'N Lightning & Phobia Phear Coaster.

Menu Items
• Personal Pizzas
• Sandwiches, Wraps & Salads
• Fruit Cups, Go-Gurt, Granola Bar, Chips & M&M Cookies
• Bottled & Fountain Drinks

The Potato Patch®

Everybody's favorite natural cut fires! Located across from our main gate turnstiles
Menu Items
• Natural Cut Fries: Cheddar Cheese, Chili Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar • Chicken Tenders • Boneless Wings • Baked Potato(toppings include: butter, sour cream, chives) • Monster Potato (toppings include: butter,sour cream,chili,cheese,bacon,chives) • Cooler Beverages & Soda

Rita's® Italian Ice

Located by Lake Compounce’s newest attraction Phobia, enjoy a refreshing scoop or two of Italian ice. Flavors include mango, blue raspberry, lemon, swedish fish, green apple, watermelon, and a daily special flavor.

Slush Works

Located next to the Sky Coaster. Build your own refreshing ICEE drinks using a variety of flavors. Opens at 1 p.m.

•12oz Kiddy Cup
• 17oz Large with 1.99 Refills
• Pepsi unit at this location

Snack Cart

Located near Rev-O-Lution

Menu Items
• Cotton Candy
• Pretzels
• Churros
• Frozen Bananas

Snacks on Main Street

Located next to Sweet Shoppe.

Menu Items
• Cotton Candy
• Popcorn
• Pretzels
• Churros

Tiki Bar

Located in the water park next to Johnny Rockets®. Enjoy a variety of snacks, along with a selection of domestic beers and spiked seltzers!

Menu Items
• Hot Dogs • Pretzels • Churros
• Popcorn • Novelty Ice Cream
• Fountain Drinks

Beachfront Bar

Located in the water park next to the Beach. Enjoy a variety of mixed drinks, beer, and wine, along with a selection of wraps and salads! We also have bottled water and beverages available.

Sweet Shoppe

Located by the park entrance, stop by for some of our special treats! Ranging from homemade fudge, to candy and caramel apples, we have your sweet tooth covered.