2022 Preschool Play Pass

Information & Guidelines

Activate Your Preschool Play Pass Any Time This Summer

The Lake Compounce Preschool Play Pass grants FREE admission to 4 & 5-year-olds and is valid for the 2022 Summer Season through August 31, 2022.

Online Registration will close on March 31, 2021. Once online registration closes, the Preschool Play Pass registration will no longer be available for 2021. Parents who do register prior to the cut off date must bring their child to the park to activate their Preschool Play Pass upon the first visit.

To obtain a Free Preschool Play Pass for your 4-5-year-old, you must follow the 3-step process.

  • Step 1: Select the parent’s 2022 pass choice first and add that to your cart. Please note the parent's season pass must be Silver, Gold, or Platinum.
  • Step 2: Select Preschool Play Pass and register your child’s information. This information will be verified (certified birth certificate or travel passport) at the park upon activation. Mobile copies/photos are not accepted.
  • Step 3: Bring your child to the park to activate their pass at any time during the 2022 Summer Season. Passes can be activated during scheduled pre-season processing dates or when the park is open. Child MUST be present and proof of age in the form of a birth certificate or travel passport will be required (pictures and/or copies on mobile devices are not accepted). Name on voucher MUST match the name on the birth certificate or government-issued passport.

PLEASE NOTE: No exceptions will be made to these guidelines. Please plan accordingly.

What if my child is not 4 – 5 during the activation period? Your child must be 4 – 5 years of age between the dates of April 30, 2022 and August 31, 2022 to be eligible for the Preschool Play Pass. If your child turns 6 during the activation period, as long as you visit within the time frame but before their birthday, they will be issued a pass for the year. Once your child has an active Preschool Play Pass, it will be valid for the duration of the 2022 Summer Season. Children under 4 years of age are not eligible for the Preschool Play Pass unless they are 4 years of age at the time of activation (April 30 – August 31).

What is the Lake Compounce Preschool Play Pass? SPECIAL OFFER for 2022, Lake Compounce is offering kids ages 4 - 5 years old a free Preschool Play Pass. The Preschool Play Pass grants complimentary admission to Lake Compounce for the entire 2022 Summer Season.

Who is eligible? Children ages 4 – 5 years of age

What if I missed the registration period? If registration is no longer open, children ages 4-5 will need a paid ticket or season pass for entry. Ages 1-3 are always free.

Do I Need A Season Pass To Qualify For This Offer? Yes, Mom/Dad or a responsible Family Member needs a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Season Pass to register for the Preschool Play Pass. An adult season pass must be purchased at the time of online registration for the Preschool Play Pass. The adult Season Pass holder must be present when activating the Preschool Play Pass.

Are there benefits associated with this pass? The 2022 Preschool Play Pass includes unlimited admission to the park during the 2022 Summer Season. The Preschool Play Pass does not include any additional benefits (Free Friend Tickets, food or merchandise discounts, or any other benefits associated with the 2022 Season Passes).

When Can I Activate My Child’s Preschool Play Pass? You are able to visit the park to activate the preschool play pass with a valid form of ID (child’s birth certificate or government-issued passport) any time during the 2022 Summer Season.

Can I change the name on my child’s Preschool Play Pass? No, name changes will NOT be accepted on Preschool Play Passes. Child’s name on the voucher MUST match the name on their birth certificate or government-issued passport. No exceptions will be made.