Opening Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Standing six-stories above the lake and decked in bright green and yellow, Venus Vortex is a unique ride experience never before seen in New England.

Resembling the mouth of a hungry venus flytrap ready for its next meal, this slide tempts brave prey to navigate twists, turns and sudden drops. After journeying through a dark tunnel, riders will experience weightlessness as they suddenly plummet down the near vertical drop into the jaws of the hungry creature. As your three-person raft slides back and forth in between rows of teeth, you must escape before it traps you inside. Take a big sigh of relief as your raft reaches the final splashdown: you’ve narrowly missed being eaten!

You will find Venus Vortex located right alongside the lake, next to Bayou Bay Wave Pool and across from Johnny Rockets next May!

Minimum Height 42"
Thrill Level  4